Water Education Exhibit at Wildwood Zoo Gets Approved, But Needs Donations

More Private Donations Needed to Complete Project

Fundraising for the $200,000 water education exhibit at the future Welcome Center at Wildwood Zoo is at 90% completion.

“I’m comfortable, and so was the committee that we’re working with, on getting the rest of the dollars raised, but it also takes about six to eight months for them to build a product. We need to get going on the actual production of the product prior to us having 100% fundraised,” said Parks & Recreation Director Justin Casperson during the Board of Public Works meeting on Nov. 21. “It is my job to make sure we can raise that last twenty thousand, and I think we can.”

A motion passed to enter into an agreement with Boss Display to go ahead with building the water feature.

The cougar exhibit and Welcome Center are projected to open July 1, 2019. Call the Parks & Recreation Department at 715-384-4642 to inquire about contributing to the project.


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