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Found OnFocus: Sam Warp, Wastewater Utility

Welcome to another episode of "Found OnFocus." On this episode, Breanna talks with Sam Warp, the City of Marshfield's Wastewater Treatment Facility superintendent about: -An...

Dry P-Traps Can Lead to Sewer Smell – But There’s an Easy Fix

Dry air might just be the cause of that unpleasant rotten egg smell in your home. Especially during winter, a P-trap can dry up and...

City Services Respond to Freezing Temperatures

An arctic blast has swept over Marshfield with a fluctuating wind chill reaching -55 degrees on Wednesday. While the cold has caused schools and...

Water Education Exhibit at Wildwood Zoo Gets Approved, But Needs Donations

More Private Donations Needed to Complete Project Fundraising for the $200,000 water education exhibit at the future Welcome Center at Wildwood Zoo is at 90%...

Utility Commission Approves $80,000 in Donations to Two Projects

City Communicates OnFocus - The Marshfield Utility Commission approved donations to two upcoming projects. The first was a $50,000 donations to help fund an educational...
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