Traffic Improvements Planned In Advance of New Football Stadium

Developments to improve traffic before the construction of a new football stadium at Marshfield High School in 2019 are in the works.

At its January 14 meeting, the Board of Public Works reviewed the developments proposed after the results of a traffic study. No action was taken, and the topic will be revisited at its next meeting, February 4.

No street construction is planned. Markings will be used to create new turn lanes and crosswalks.

The following recommendations were presented at the meeting:

Becker Road & Peach Avenue
-Provide a protected southbound left turn phase with other minor signal timing adjustments left turn arrow (i.e. phase splits, cycle length, etc.).
-Remove traffic sign east of intersection for eastbound traffic that states: Oncoming Traffic has Green Arrow.
Becker Road & Palmetto Avenue (North)
-Construct a southbound right turn lane.
Becker Road & West High School Entrance
-Provide a southbound right turn lane, left turn lane, and one entering lane.
-Provide a marked pedestrian crosswalk on the west leg of the intersection. (City staff recommended changes to this recommendation).
Becker Road & Center High School Entrance
-Provide pavement markings for an eastbound left turn lane.
-Provide a shared southbound left turn/through/right turn lane.
-Restrict southbound left turn movements between 3:00 PM and 4:00 PM.
Becker Road & East High School Entrance
-Provide pavement markings for an eastbound left turn lane.
-Provide a southbound right turn lane, a shared through /left turn lane, and one entering lane as shown in the proposed development plan.

City staff recommended moving the proposed crosswalk location to the N. Palmetto Avenue intersection instead of having it situated at the entrance to the Marshfield High School drop-off lane.

As part of the discussion, Alderman Tom Witzel wondered if the construction of a left and right lane on Becker Road by the west high school entrance would be too tight of a fit, and about signage.

“If they are putting two exits – essentially a westbound and an eastbound off of that exit – are they then going to change what they have identified right now, with a sign that says ‘No Left Turn’ during a certain time frame? Even outside that time frame it can be a bit of a problem trying to turn left from that exit onto Becker with all the traffic that’s heading west on Becker.”

City staff is looking into limiting parking on one side of the street in the residential neighborhoods similarly to what was done for Beell Stadium, to allow room for traffic and emergency vehicles to pass through. More details on this plan will be presented at the next meeting.

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