Mitten’s Home Appliance Donates Furniture to St. Vincent de Paul

Those looking to get rid of their furniture have an extra incentive at Mitten’s Home Appliance through its Rusted and Busted sale.

Through the end of January, Mitten’s Home Appliance will buy back your old furniture and donate anything usable to St. Vincent de Paul.

The downtown business started donating usable furniture last year and anticipates that the response from the community taking advantage of the service will only grow.

“It lifts the weight for customers so they don’t have to worry about finding a friend or sibling to get the old out of their homes,” said C.W Mitten. “They don’t have to pay a disposal fee.”

St. Vincent de Paul is more than happy to receive the usable furniture to grow its inventory and gets inquiries daily. After assessing the individual’s need, Outreach will do its best to help by giving out a voucher for a free piece of furniture from its thrift store next door.

Donations like furniture are what enables the charity to help those in need.

“All the donations that go to the thrift store, that’s what’s used to run our programs,” said Outreach Coordinator Deb Steltenpohl. “So if they make a donation, whether it’s furniture or clothing, that’s used to help our programs.”

Through the Rusted and Busted Sale, Mitten’s will also dispose of mattresses, refrigerators, and more. Turn in your old sofa and receive $75, and $50 for your old love seat. The sale runs through January 31.

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