Weiler’s, Premier Printing Raise $500 for Victims of House Fire

MARSHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) – Premier Printing, along with Weiler’s Convenience Stores, helped a family in need after a house fire took belongings, a place to live, pets and memories from them.

The Green family of Spencer came home on Feb. 10 to a tragedy. Their home had been engulfed in flames and they had lost their family pets in the blaze. The physical items can be replaced but the emotional attachment to pets and memories lost in the fire will not be recovered.

However, in a time of need, many area businesses and individuals have come to the aid of Kathryn Green and her daughter.

From school districts to businesses like Premier Printing and Weiler’s Convenience Stores, a community pitched in to help get the Greens back on their feet.

Kelly Weiler, owner of Weiler Convenience Stores, said being a family-owned company, it’s about helping people in your community.

“We were happy to do our small part to help this family,” Weiler said.

After it was all said and done, Weiler’s and Premier Printing raised $500 by giving away decals (after donating $5 to the Green Family) that people can stick on their windows to help fire departments locate pets within the home.

Kathryn Green recently wrote a letter thanking the community and businesses for their support.

“I’ve always tried to live my life by the pay it forward motto,” Green said. “I will continue my very best to keep paying it forward for the rest of my life. My daughter and I are beyond grateful and blessed. Thank you!”

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