Rescued ‘Dumpster Puppy’ Muenster Enjoys Life with Officer Who Assisted With Case

Officer Maxson and Oscar/Muenster. Submitted photo.

Rescued Puppies Enjoy New Homes 1 Year After Rescue

Marshfield, WI (OnFocus) One of the puppies found abandoned in a Marshfield trash can on Feb. 28 last year is today enjoying life with the police officer who assisted in the case.

Muenster, now called Oscar, was adopted by Officer Jacob Maxson of the Marshfield Police Department after he bonded with the puppies during a visit to Marshfield Area Pet Shelter.

“I instantly had that spark to get one,” he said. “I’ve been a little bit homesick. I think this is what I’ve been missing.”


At first Maxson was drawn to one of the other puppies, Bleu, who reminded him of his dad’s Chocolate Lab back home in Tomahawk.

“But then Oscar was coming up messing with my shoes. We kind of roughhoused every time I’d go visit,” he said. “I’m like, yeah, this one is picking me.”

He describes Oscar as a very friendly dog with a trouble-maker’s “spark” who chews through all his toys, and even after a 5-mile walk is still ready to go. “He had an attitude about him, that was one thing I was really hoping he kept, and he did,” said Maxson. “You can tell he’s got a little rebel in him.”

Oscar enjoyed a reunion with brother Bleu at the Paws for Brittany event benefiting Marshfield Area Pet Shelter last May.

A fast learner, Oscar picked up basic tricks like sit, stay, and lie down quicker than any other dog Maxson has owned.

“I can lay a treat down in front of him and until I tell him to go grab it, he won’t grab it,” he added. One time, Maxson laid a treat by Oscar’s paws and then stepped away briefly to take a phone call. When he came back, the dog hadn’t moved. “He was still sitting there and his eyes were still locked in on that treat, until I told him, okay buddy. Then he lunged at it!”

Oscar and best friend Cash

Oscar enjoys interacting with other dogs at the dog park and burning off his endless energy with Maxson’s family dog, Cash, during visits home to Tomahawk. While Oscar is given more free reign there, Maxson doesn’t have to worry about him running away.

“If he starts to chase after a squirrel up north and he looks back and sees I’m not going with him, he doesn’t go too far,” he said.

This summer, he plans to take Oscar on camping trips and teach him to swim and retrieve. While Oscar enjoyed going for boat rides last year, he wasn’t so sure yet about being in the water.

Although energetic, when inside Oscar is content to hang out quietly during a movie and sleeps through the night at the foot of the bed.

“He’s been great so far. I wouldn’t change a thing,” Maxson said. “I’m glad I adopted him.”

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