Marshfield Area Pet Shelter Dumpster Puppies Head Home

Marshfield, WI (OnFocus) The nine “dumpster puppies” are now heading to their forever homes. The first of the puppies, Swiss, was adopted by its new owner on Monday.

The puppies captured hearts this spring after eight of them were discovered in a dumpster in Marshfield by a passing salesmen. Ordinance recovered the puppies plus an additional one that had been born later and brought the litter to Marshfield Area Pet Shelter, where they were cared for and christened with cheese names.

“It’s a bittersweet moment seeing the puppies leave, but we are already getting feedback from their families about them settling into their new homes nicely,” said Kaitlin Loberg, Shelter Manager.

The rest of the puppies will be heading home the rest of this week and will be adopted out by Saturday afternoon.

“The shelter will definitely feel a lot quieter without them, but we look forward to seeing them grow with their new families,” Loberg said.

A special video about the puppies will be released on the shelter’s Facebook page this Sunday. Meet some of the puppies at the Paws for Brittany fundraising event at Wildwood Park this Saturday. Visit for more info.

Marshfield (press release) — Puppies found discarded in a Marshfield Dumpster on February 28 and cared for since then by Marshfield Area Pet Shelter have started going to their forever homes this week, with the final adoption scheduled for this weekend. (Some of the puppies will also be visiting MAPS’ “Paws For Brittany” event on Saturday.)

The puppies and their story have been featured on national and international news outlets and programs, including CBS’ popular television show “Inside Edition.”

Named after cheeses, Muenster, Colby, Cheddar, Gouda, Brie, Feta, Fontina, Bleu, Baby Swiss, are now ten weeks old and ready for forever homes of their own. All of the puppies have been spayed and neutered, with help from Humane Society of Portage County.

As they have grown, local media company TriMedia has documented their story through videos then featured on MAPS’ Facebook page. A final “Adoption Journey” video will debut on Sunday, May 12. (Find the full puppy playlist here.)

MAPS received more than 250 applications for the puppies, and spent weeks screening the applications to ensure they went to the homes that were the best fit. MAPS staff and volunteers have enjoyed their time caring for the puppies, and are now happy to see them adopted to loving families.

“The overwhelming support we received in donations for the puppies from many individuals across the country was heartwarming,” said MAPS Executive Director Karen Rau. “Because of thoughtful people and generous donations, our lifesaving programs are possible everyday for local animals.”

More information can be found at

Mark Theobald, the door-to-door sales representative who discovered the puppies and alerted the police department, is adopting “Brie”. Officer Jacob Maxson, who assisted with the case’s arrest, is adopting “Muenster”.

“It feels great to adopt one of the puppies and to know that there are nine families that will give these dogs a chance in life,” said Theobald. “Brie is amazingly smart. She is sitting on demand (for the most part) and cries when she needs to go out. I knew she would bring joy to my family.”

Officer Maxson and Muenster

“Muenster is doing great so far and has been having fun playing with his tennis ball and stuffed animals,” said Maxson, who shared that Muenster spends his nights curled at the foot of his new dad’s bed. “I adopted him because of his energetic nature and personal ties to all the puppies.”

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Breanna Butler
Author: Breanna Butler

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