Puppies Found in Garbage Bag

MARSHFIELD (OnFocus) Marshfield Police Department issued a press release on Tuesday have requesting charges for mistreatment of animals and abandonment of animals.

On 2/28/19 at 3:15 pm, Marshfield Police were dispatched to complaint of the sound of kittens coming from a garbage can in the 800 blk of E 4th St. Upon arrival, it was learned that the sound was coming from 8 newborn puppies which had been discarded in a garbage bag and trash can at 813 E 4th St. The bag was removed and the puppies were transported to the Marshfield Area Pet Shelter.

Contact was made at the residence and subsequently a 56 yr old Marshfield male was arrested and transported to the police department. Misdemeanor charges were requested through the Wood County DA’s office on Robert M. Wild for mistreatment of animals and abandonment of animals.

The puppies are doing well and may be up for adoption in the coming months.

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