Police Reports: Child Left Outside Home in Freezing Temperatures

Marshfield Police Department Police Reports

  • 1.31.19 at 0744: A 29 year-old Marshfield man reported that his vehicle was legally parked in the 300 block of 17th street when it was struck by another vehicle. This resulted in damage to the rear quarter panel of his vehicle. The striking vehicle left the scene without attempting contact or leaving a note. A tenant in an apartment heard the crash and was able to obtain several photos of the striking vehicle but was not able to obtain a license plate. Officer has not been able to identify the striking vehicle or its driver at this time.
  • 1.31.19 at 1647: Officers responded to a dispute involving the complainant and her 29 year-old husband. The argument was over money and child custody problems. Both parties shared a similar recollection of the event. Both were separated for the remainder of the night.
  • 1.29.19 at 1200: A 22 year-old Marshfield woman was taken into custody for disorderly conduct and criminal damage to property. The woman was transported to MPD where booking procedures were completed. The woman was unable to post bond and was transported to the Wood County Jail.
  • 1.25.19 at 1145: A 40 year-old Marshfield man called to report a 7 year-old child was dropped off by the bus at approximately 11:45. The juvenile was not able to get into his house and was outside for about half an hour. The temperature was -8 degrees at the time. The man stated he knocked loudly on the house door but was not able to get anyone to answer. He stated the child was shivering and cold so he brought him back to his tavern to warm the child up. Upon arrival officer was able to obtain a phone number for the child’s mother. She stated she was at home and was sleeping and did not know school let out early. Officer walked the child back over to his mother and reunited them. Officer called and spoke with Marshfield Bus Service and appraised them of this incident. They stated they would look into it.
  • 1.24.19 at 12:57: Officer located a traffic signal and light post knocked over on Veterans Parkway in the line of traffic with no vehicle on scene. Unit 1 was located at Arlington St. in the driveway with very heavy front end damage and airbag deployment. Officer attempted to make contact but nobody would answer the door. The front license plat of Unit 1 was located at the scene of the crash along with multiple parts of the front grill. The front license plate matched the rear license plate that was still attached to unit 1. Contact was made with the female owner via phone call the next evening. At first, she lied to the officer stating she was tired and only struck the curb. After some conversation, the driver finally admitted to consuming alcohol and being intoxicated, which is why she did not report the crash.