Police and Fire Commission Proposes Budget Increases for 2019

City Communicates OnFocus – On July 26th, Marshfield Police and Fire Commission held a special meeting regarding the 2019 budget for both departments.

Fire and Rescue Deputy Chief Pete Fletty gave the presentation. The fire department is looking for approval of a 21.91% increase. This increase would include a new ambulance, potential new radios and radio towers, and a new cardiac monitor. If these capital items were removed, the budget would only raise 4.11%.

Marshfield Police Department Chief Rick Gramza was also present at this meeting and gave his department’s proposed budget of a 2% increase for 2019. The budget would go towards the 5 year-plan for police radios, which was approved in the 2018 budget.

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Both motions to approve the budgets were approved by the Police and Fire Commission and must be presented to Common Council before being put into place.


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