Marawood and Cloverbelt Conference Football both Commit to Playing in the fall

Colby (OnFocus) – The WIAA’s creation of an option for schools to play fall sports in the spring came with a deadline of September 1 for schools to decide if they were playing in the fall or spring. We now update our first report on a living document that identifies schools’ choices.

The Cloverbelt and Marawood Conferences have both announced their member schools will be playing football this fall. Multiple factors were involved in the Marawood’s decision, Conference Commissioner Mark Lacke said.

“The biggest thing is that the small schools do not have turf fields, fieldhouses, and/or ample facilities. Most of our athletes play 2-3 sports so packing a season between two others is a stress all around. In the Spring, by the 7th football game, our baseball players would have missed 7-8 games. We struggle to get early season baseball/softball diamonds ready now, and can’t imagine clearing them, then playing 1-3 games each week in late March on the football field,” Lacke explained.

Lacke noted schools in the Marawood are taking precautions to be safe, including limiting the number of spectators, no use of locker rooms, no concessions, and having everyone wear masks.

The bottomline is that last Spring those student/athletes never got a chance to play- fall and winter did. We want to give fall athletes a chance. If it works great; if they only get in part of a season then at least we tried!
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WIAA Fall Return to Play Checklist  Click Here

School decisions(Football) as of August 26

Area Conferences and Schools playing this fall

  • Nekoosa, CWC
  • Ashland, Great Northern
  • Hayward, Great Northern
  • Medford, Great Northern
  • Abbotsford, Marawood
  • Athens, Marawood
  • Auburndale, Marawood
  • Colby, Marawood
  • Edgar, Marawood
  • Marathon, Marawood
  • Owen-Withee, Marawood
  • Thorp, Marawood
  • Medford, Great Northern
  • Merrill, Great Northern
  • Mosinee, Great Northern
  • Hortonville, Valley Football Association
  • Kaukauna, Fox Valley Association
  • Durand, Cloverbelt
  • Elk Mound, Cloverbelt
  • Fall Creek, Cloverbelt
  • Mondovi, Cloverbelt
  • Neillsville/Granton, Cloverbelt
  • Osseo-Fairchild, Cloverbelt
  • Regis, Cloverbelt
  • Stanley-Boyd, Cloverbelt

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(FOOTBALL) Area Conferences and Schools postponed to the spring

  • Appleton East, Fox Valley Association
  • Appleton North, Fox Valley Association
  • Fond du Lac, Fox Valley Association
  • Neenah, Fox Valley Association
  • Kimberly, Fox Valley Association
  • Oshkosh West, Fox Valley Association
  • Oshkosh North, Fox Valley Association

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David Keech
Author: David Keech

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