WIAA Approves Changes for All Sports Seasons

The WIAA has approved a plan to open a window for an alternative fall sports season to be played in the spring that will make changes to the winter and spring sports seasons.

Football will have a seven-week regular season with two weeks for any type of tournament or extra games ending on the weekend of November 19-20.

The winter season will start on time but will see the season end in late February with a limited playoff structure that will be determined in January. Spring sports will start practice in Mid to Late April and have their playoffs in late June.

This opens up a window to have a limited additional fall season from early March to mid-late April only for those schools that either do not start the fall season or are unable to complete more than 50% of their season in the fall.

View the full calendar here.

There were also a number of temporary rule changes for the 2020-2021 season, those included:
Changes to how awards will be given out if there is a playoff or tournament.
Officials that do not meet their game requirements or choose to sit out the season will not have their classification changed.
There will not be punishments for schools that take a one year move to another conference if their home conference approves.
Reduce the seeding pools for playoffs to keep teams playing closer to each other in the early part of any playoffs.
Playoff or tournament structure will be determined 30 days prior to the end of the regular season.
The minimum number of games required to qualify for the playoffs will be eliminated.
The board is strongly discouraging out of state travel.

We will have a full recap and response from local Athletic Directors later today as this is a developing story.

Correction: the WIAA released an updated calendar after a typo moved the spring sports start dates up a few weeks

Steven Okonek
Author: Steven Okonek