Lockdown Drill at Marshfield Schools

On Thursday morning a lockdown occurred at the Marshfield Middle School. This lockdown was a drill. The school district of Marshfield performs lockdown drills similar to how they perform fire drills. 

Speaking to the Superintendent of Marshfield schools, OnFocus learned that there are two types of lockdowns: soft and hard. The school district determines which lockdown to place the school in based on the active situation. It is important to know that if the school is under a lockdown, it does not mean there is an active threat to the student population. 

Soft lockdowns may occur for several reasons. For example, if a student is in need of medical attention, the school may issue a soft lockdown to keep the hallways clear of students so medical personnel can attend to the student. 

OnFocus is committed to informing the community on public safety measures and will always make the best effort to report the known facts. Continue to follow us for what matters most. 

News Desk
Author: News Desk