Girl Seeks Help Finding Missing Stuffed Animal

missing stuffed animal tundra lodge
The stuffed German Shepherd went missing from Tundra Lodge, Green Bay.

Stuffed Animal Missing From Tundra Lodge, Green Bay

UPDATE: The stuffed animal has been found!! Thanks to all who shared!

GREEN BAY, WI (OnFocus) – Elissa Hall and her family enjoyed a pre-weekend getaway at Tundra Lodge in Green Bay, Wisconsin. After leaving the hotel on Friday, July 22, daughter Chloe realized she was missing a very special stuffed animal – a German Shepherd named “Gala” made in honor of her grandma.

“She specifically made a service dog Build-a-Bear for my mom and then she left her there until my mom passed away,” said Hall. “That stuffed animal means more than anything to her. She’s heart broken that she lost her.”

Hall posted a heartfelt plea on Facebook in the hopes that someone would find the stuffed dog. The family didn’t go anywhere else during their stay.

“Not sure if this will work but praying it will for my daughter’s sake,” she posted. “Chloe lost her stuffed animal german Shepard at the tundra lodge in green bay. We stayed in room 183. I called and talked to 2 different people and they say it’s not in the lost and found so we are hoping if someone else found it they will return it. The reason it’s a big deal is because that’s the build a bear she made for my mom when she passed away. She made a service dog to stay with my mom until the end. Her little heart is shattered.”

Anyone who finds the stuffed German Shepherd can message Elissa on Facebook.

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