Three Marshfield wrestlers hit 100 career wins as Tigers go 4-1 at Stoughton Duals

STOUGHTON – The Marshfield wrestling team finished 4-1 at the Stoughton Pieper Duals on Saturday.

Marshfield beat Evansville 57-15, lost to Stoughton 41-28, and swept its final three matches, beating Madison La Follette 78-3, Oak Creek 60-15, and Menomonee Falls 68-6. Marshfield lost to Stoughton, the eventual state champion, in the Division 1 quarterfinals at last year’s WIAA State Team Wrestling Tournament.

Ben Gust, Nolan Hertel, Sam Mitchell, Gabe Pugh and Bentley Schwanebeck-Ostermann each won all five of their matches for Marshfield, with Mitchell and Schwanebeck-Ostermann both recording four points. Gust, Pugh and Hertel had two pins each.

Tanner Kanable had the fastest pin of the meet, taking down Oak Creek’s Ali Khabiti in just 18 seconds.

Hertel, Schwanebeck-Ostermann and Mitchell all eclipsed the 100-win mark for their career at the tournament.

Marshfield opens its Wisconsin Valley Conference schedule on Thursday at Stevens Point.

Marshfield 57, Evansville 15
145: Dustin Altman (Marshfield) pinned Nick Wille (Evansville), 5:52.
152: Pat Crull (Evansville) pinned Brayden Richardson (Marshfield), 4:48.
160: Caden Pearce (Marshfield) won by technical fall over Riley Long (Evansville), 15-0.
170: Nolan Hertel (Marshfield) won by technical fall over Ricky Braunschweig (Evansville), 21-4.
182: Bentley Schwanebeck-Ostermann (Marshfield) pinned Baylin Crull (Evansville), 0:52.
195: Sam Mitchell (Marshfield) pinned Collin Roberts (Evansville), 3:34.
220: Ben Gust (Marshfield) pinned Cutter Lange (Evansville), 5:47.
285: Kavin Beranek (Marshfield) pinned Waylon Klitzman (Evansville), 4:54.
106: Gunner Katzenmeyer (Evansville) over Sirius Conrad (Marshfield), 13-9.
113: Keagan Cliver (Marshfield) over Camden Staver (Evansville), 8-2
120: Jared Miller (Evansville) pinned Shane Westerhausen (Marshfield), 1:57.
126: Gabe Pugh (Marshfield) won by technical fall over Austin Scofield (Evansville), 18-1.
132: Ryan Dolezal (Marshfield) pinned Matt Kostroun (Evansville), 4:20.
138: Tanner Kanable (Marshfield) over Adam Staver (Evansville), 3-0.

Stoughton 41, Marshfield 28
106: Sirius Conrad (Marshfield) over Ethan Peterson (Stoughton), 11-9.
113: Nicolar Rivera (Stoughton) won by technical fall over Keagan Cliver (Marshfield), 18-2.
120: Shane Westerhausen (Marshfield) over Dante Steinmetz (Stoughton), SV-1 10-8.
126: Gabe Pugh (Marshfield) won major dec. over Trenton Dow (Stoughton), 19-6.
132: Freeman Detweiler (Stoughton) won by injury default over Ryan Dolezal (Marshfield) Inj 5:14
138: Hunter Lewis (Stoughton) pinned Tanner Kanable (Marshfield), 4:51.
145: Luke Mechler (Stoughton) pinned Dustin Altman (Marshfield), 1:33
152: Gavin Model (Stoughton) pinned Caden Pearce (Marshfield), 5:26.
160: Nolan Hertel (Marshfield) over Cade Spilde (Stoughton), 5-3.
170: Luke Geister-Jones (Stoughton) pinned Jayden Wilhelm (Marshfield), 1:20.
182: Bentley Schwanebeck-Ostermann (Marshfield) pinned Brandt Spilde (Stoughton), 4:27.
195: Ben Gust (Marshfield) pinned Rudy Detweiler (Stoughton), 5:08.
220: Sam Mitchell (Marshfield) over Brooks Empey (Stoughton), 11-5.
285: Tony Hohol (Stoughton) pinned Kavin Beranek (Marshfield), 1:30.

Marshfield 78, Madison LaFollette 3
106: Sirius Conrad (Marshfield) won by forfeit.
113: Keagan Cliver (Marshfield) won by forfeit.
120: Shane Westerhausen (Marshfield) pinned Jack Jensen (Madison LaFollette), 3:19.
126: Gabe Pugh (Marshfield) pinned Edward Pazdziora (Madison LaFollette), 1:50.
132: Caden Dennee (Marshfield) pinned Michael Flores (Madison LaFollette), 2:22.
138: Tanner Kanable (Marshfield) pinned James Lacey (Madison LaFollette), 0:40.
145: Kyle Smith (Madison LaFollette) over Dustin Altman (Marshfield), 5-1.
152: Caden Pearce (Marshfield) won by forfeit.
160: Nolan Hertel (Marshfield) pinned Matthew Crawford (Madison LaFollette), 1:17.
170: Jayden Wilhelm (Marshfield) won by forfeit.
182: Bentley Schwanebeck-Ostermann (Marshfield) pinned Lexus Browning (Madison LaFollette), 0:27.
195: Ben Gust (Marshfield) won by forfeit.
220: Sam Mitchell (Marshfield) pinned Noah Meiller (Madison LaFollette), 0:30.
285: Gaven Ronning (Marshfield) pinned Simon Lederhilger (Madison LaFollette), 0:32.

Marshfield 60, Oak Creek 15
106: Luca Paladino (Oak Creek) won by major dec. over Sirius Conrad (Marshfield), 15-5.
113: Keagan Cliver (Marshfield) won by major dec. over Luke Moczynski (Oak Creek), 12-2.
120: Cody Weix (Marshfield) pinned Emilee Orosz (Oak Creek), 0:23.
126: Gabe Pugh (Marshfield) won by technical fall over Dominic Rauch (Oak Creek), 20-5.
132: Caden Dennee (Marshfield) pinned Brady Schmidt (Oak Creek), 0:27.
138: Tanner Kanable (Marshfield) pinned Ali Khatibi (Oak Creek), 0:18.
145: Brandon Lenczner (Oak Creek) won by technical fall over Dustin Altman (Marshfield), 19-4.
152: Caden Pearce (Marshfield) won by major dec. over Nathan Berlin (Oak Creek), 11-2.
160: Nolan Hertel (Marshfield) won by technical fall over Sam Paar (Oak Creek), 19-3.
170: Nolan Paar (Oak Creek) pinned Jayden Wilhelm (Marshfield), 1:44.
182: Bentley Schwanebeck-Ostermann (Marshfield) pinned Ben Kawczynski (Oak Creek), 1:21.
195: Ben Gust (Marshfield) won by injury default over Dylan Surprenant (Oak Creek), 2:00.
220: Sam Mitchell (Marshfield) pinned Nick Lieske (Oak Creek), 1:21.
285: Kavin Beranek (Marshfield) pinned Sebastian Brodowski (Oak Creek), 1:12.

Marshfield 68, Menomonee Falls 6
106: Sirius Conrad (Marshfield) pinned Braden Reigstad (Menomonee Falls), 4:31.
113: Casey Reigstad (Menomonee Falls) over Keagan Cliver (Marshfield), SV-1 6-4.
120: Cody Weix (Marshfield) pinned Cam Stevens (Menomonee Falls), 1:12.
126: Gabe Pugh (Marshfield) pinned Brayden Rosenow (Menomonee Falls), 0:44.
132: Ethan Pogorzelski (Menomonee Falls)over Caden Dennee (Marshfield), 6-4 (OT).
138: Tanner Kanable (Marshfield) won by injury default over Patrick Lynch (Menomonee Falls), 2:56.
145: Dustin Altman (Marshfield) pinned Ethan Neal (Menomonee Falls), 1:52.
152: Caden Pearce (Marshfield) pinned Zach Stankowski (Menomonee Falls), 0:45.
160: Nolan Hertel (Marshfield) pinned Josh Jafuta (Menomonee Falls), 2:53.
170: Jayden Wilhelm (Marshfield) won by forfeit.
182: Bentley Schwanebeck-Ostermann (Marshfield) won by technical fall over Henry Hansen (Menomonee Falls), 16-0.
195: Ben Gust (Marshfield) def. Tyler Wynn (Menomonee Falls), 11-10.
220: Sam Mitchell (Marshfield) pinned Viktor Venta (Menomonee Falls), 0:48.
285: Kavin Beranek (Marshfield) won by forfeit.

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