Republicans Roll Out Middle Class Tax Cut Plan Using State Surplus

Rep. John Spiros Addresses Plan

The Wisconsin GOP Assembly rolled out a proposed middle class tax cut plan Thursday in response to a $588 million state surplus.

The tax cut would benefit those who make less than $100,000, and families making under $150,000.

Earlier this week GOP members met with Democratic Governor Tony Evers and agreed that a tax cut was needed for the middle class, but disagreed on how to fund it.

“Assembly GOP members would like to use the surplus to fund the tax cut. It’s the people’s money, and we should give it back to them. Governor Evers would like to raise taxes on our farms and manufacturing to fund the tax cut. This is unacceptable,” said Representative John Spiros, District 86.

“In the last three years, the Agriculture and Manufacturers Tax Credit has helped add 42,000 jobs in our state. These are jobs that provide for families, help put food on the table, and school supplies in backpacks,” he said. “I don’t see how we can raise taxes on our farmers when they are already struggling due to tariffs and milk prices on the federal level.”

Under Evers’ plan, the Agriculture and Manufacturers Tax Credit tax credit would cap at $300,000 in income.

Spiros stated he believes that the surplus is not the government’s money to spend and the tax cut is the best use for it.

“When I initially ran for office, I ran to cut taxes, not raise them. I have held firm to this principle my entire time in public office, both on the Marshfield Common Council and in the State Assembly,” he said. “The people of Wisconsin work hard, and through responsible budgeting in the last eight years, the state of Wisconsin has been working hard for them. Now that we have this surplus, I think it’s only right that we give it back to them.”

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