Public Works Votes to Purchase Used Generator for Police Department

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City Communicates OnFocus – At the Board of Public Works August 20 meeting, Director of Public Works Dan Knoeck gave a presentation on the cost of replacing the Marshfield Police Department generator with a new or used model.

Knoeck suggested purchasing a used generator for the price of $20-25k, which he said would be the easiest solution and would pay for itself in about 15-20 months of rent ($1,300/month) that the department is currently paying for the generator. A new generator would be an upsize of the current one but would cost about $100,000.

“Right now, I think we would all agree that some kind of major project at the police station is inevitable, whether it’s the remodeling, the addition, even a new building, who knows?” said Knoeck. “But until that scope and timeline is determined, I don’t think it makes sense to look at buying a bigger generator there just yet.”

The motion to buy a used generator was unanimous. However, the decision will need to be approved by the Council at its next meeting.

Watch the meeting here.

Council Approves New Police Generator

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