Pop Cultured with Carrie Gillaspie: Inauguration Fashion Highlights + Clare and Dale Split

Carrie Gillaspie

Inauguration Fashion Recap with Carrie Gillaspie

Submitted to OnFocus – Message from Carrie: Living in Wisconsin always had me feeling like I was half a world away from the cities on either coast that were shaping the movies, tv, fashion, and culture of our society. Nevertheless, I still couldn’t help but be captivated by it all.

As a child I would “host” Total Request Live (Rest in Peace) from my bedroom with my hairbrush and envision myself asking Ricky Martin and The Backstreet Boys about their latest album (Yes, I know my millennial is showing).
When the pandemic hit this past spring, I spent some time reflecting on what I truly wanted to create as a journalist and creative. I asked myself the question: if I could create anything, what would it be? The answer to that question was I would make a weekly pop culture show where I could share pop culture news while also giving fun and light commentary. (The other answer was I wanted to make videos highlighting how incredible shelter pets are. That series is called “Furever Home” and can be found on my Youtube Channel).
And just like that, Pop Cultured was born. It’s a weekly show where I break down the biggest news in pop culture. I give you the hard news facts, and add in some of my own creative and (hopefully) witty commentary that will leave you informed and entertained.
It’s a place where my fellow pop culture lovers can unite, converse, and build community over our love of the TV, music, books, movies, and fashion that shapes the world we live in…even if we are half a country away.
Thanks for being here, and let’s get Pop Cultured!

Pop Cultured Episode 3

On this episode of Pop Cultured, host Carrie Lippert Gillaspie does a brief recap of Joe Biden’s inauguration day, and gives us the fashion highlights and lowlights on the day. We discuss the truly unsurprising break up of Bachelor couple Clare Crawley and Dale Moss, the actually surprising break up of Ben Affleck and Ana De Armas, and Netflix announces Bridgerton is getting a season two.

Pop Cultured News of the Week

1) Inauguration Day Recap + Fashion Highlights

2) The Bachelorette’s Clare Crawley & Dale Moss Split

3) Ben Affleck and Ana De Armas breakup

4) Netflix announces Bridgerton is officially getting a Season 2

Congrats & Condolences

Congrats: Betty White, Dolly Parton, Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel, and Matthew and Camila McConoughey

Condolences: none

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Carrie Lippert Gillaspie
Author: Carrie Lippert Gillaspie

Born and raised in rural Central Wisconsin, Carrie is a proud cheesehead and die-hard Green Bay Packer fan. She likes mid-afternoon naps, country music, front porch swings, and sundresses. She is a former 4-time grand champion barrel racer, earned 11 varsity athletic letters in high school, and has flown around the world (literally). She is an eternal optimist, a closet book nerd, and a huge Star Wars fan. She firmly believes that the book is always better than the movie, and that dogs are God's way of showing how much he loves us.