Police Reports: Vehicle Thefts, Retail Thefts, Property Thefts

December 29

A 70-year-old Marshfield woman reported a financial loss via a telephone scam call, requesting her to send $1,500 worth of gift cards to an unknown person(s) to clear up her “hacked” Amazon account. The woman sent three $500 gift card codes to a fraudulent cell phone number by taking a picture of the barcodes.

December 30

A complainant reported that her vehicle was stolen. She did not give anyone permission to use the vehicle. The Marshfield Police Department stolen vehicle form was completed and the vehicle was entered into NCIC as stolen. On Dec. 30 at approximately 1:50 p.m., an officer located the vehicle at 8th/Cherry. The vehicle was inventoried and returned to the owner.

A complainant reported that an unknown person or people entered her vehicle. She advised that items within the vehicle appeared to be moved and her glove box was damaged.

A Marshfield woman reported numerous times throughout the night that the apartment above her was being excessively loud and banging on the floors. An officer made contact with a 35-year-old Marshfield woman. The woman was issued multiple citations for excessive noise, disorderly conduct and obstructing an officer. A report was also to be forwarded to Wood County Human Services regarding possible child neglect.

December 31

A 26-year-old Marshfield woman reported an altercation between her and her husband, a 29-year-old Marshfield man. Officers made contact with the Marshfield man. Both parties were later separated.

A victim reported that she was struck by an unknown vehicle. It was found that a white 4-door full-size Chevrolet /GM SUV was leaving the scene and was the probable vehicle that struck the Victim. The victim was transported to Marshfield Medical Center for complaint of pain in her leg. The Victim did sign a release of records. There are no video in the area it occurred. At this time there are no known suspects.

A man reported that he received a check claiming to be from Walmart asking him to deposit the check and purchase money orders and send them to an address. The victim reported that he contacted the number provided and was told it was a real check for him. The victim contacted his bank and was told it was a possible scam. The victim cashed the check and spent the money and a few days later the check was returned and now the victim is out the money. The victim was upset because he was told by the person who sent the check that it was real. The officer told the victim to contact his bank, change account numbers and speak with them in regards to the money. The officer informed him that quite possibly he will have to pay it back.

Officers investigated a child custody dispute between a 33-year-old Chili male and a 34-year-old Marshfield female.

January 1

An employee from the Bread & Butter Shop called to report an employee’s vehicle was struck by a red Dodge Ram pickup truck with a topper which had since left northbound on Central Ave without stopping. Officers were able to obtain still shots of video surveillance of the red Dodge Ram as well as the two occupants who had entered the store prior to purchase merchandise. It appeared through statements that the red Dodge Ram backed into the white Pontiac G6. The officers were unable to obtain a license plate due to it being covered by snow.

A Marshfield man called to report his ex-wife was currently refusing to leave after a physical altercation. Upon investigation, a 59-year-old Marshfield female was arrested for disorderly conduct – domestic related. The female was later booked at the Marshfield Police Department and transported to the Wood County Jail.

Complainant reported that he and his girlfriend, a 38-year-old Marshfield woman, had an argument. Police made contact with both parties. Each person agreed to separate.

A Marshfield woman reported a physical disturbance between her husband and her 16-year-old son. Wood County Human Services was contacted and all parties agreed to a temporary placement at the Family Center in Stevens Point. The juvenile was transported to Stevens Point and signed into their facility. Charges of battery, disorderly conduct and criminal damage to property will be referred to Wood County Human Services.

Loss prevention reported observing a 57-year-old Milladore female pushed $726.78 worth of merchandise past the last point of sale at Walmart, with no attempts to pay for the merchandise. Charges of Retail Theft will be requested through Marathon County District Attorney’s Office.

January 2

On the above date and time, Thomas reported two individuals were creating a disturbance in the hallway of a local building. Upon arrival, Officers could hear two individuals arguing inside an apartment. A 32-year-old male and 33-year-old female, both of Marshfield, were separated without further incident.

A Marshfield man reported that his unlocked vehicle was entered, and items were stolen. There were no cameras in the area, and there are no suspects.

At approximately 5:07 p.m., a 47-year-old Marshfield female was arrested for active warrants. She was transported to the Marshfield Police Department for booking procedures and later to the Wood County Jail.

January 3

A Marshfield man contacted police and reported an incident that resulted in the arrest of a 31-year-old Marshfield female for Domestic Related Disorderly conduct. The 31-year-old was unable to post the required bond and was transported to the Wood County Jail.

A 46-year-old Marshfield female was observed in Walmart by an employee as she selected several items from displays and then proceeded to the self-checkout where she intentionally skipped scanning some of the items. The female then attempted to leave the store without rendering payment for the unscanned items. Charges are being requested through the Wood County D.A.’s office.

A 37-year-old female and 58-year-old male, both of Marshfield, were observed in Walmart by an employee as they selected items from displays and the female concealed some of the items in her purse and then they intentionally skipped scanning several other items at the checkout point. The two then proceeded to attempt to leave the store with the concealed items when they were stopped by the employee. The male was issued a citation and charges are being requested through the Wood County D.A.’s office for the female.

January 4

A 35-year-old Marshfield woman called requesting officers as she was having an ongoing issue with one of her housemates. All parties were spoken with and officer mediated what each was having frustrations with. They also agreed to be more civil towards each other, returned borrowed property, and arranged for written communication for any future issues.

An 82-year-old Marshfield man came to the police station to report his identity and Social Security number compromised. The man went onto a website that he believed was Norton Virus and called a number for assistance. Soon after this his computer was controlled remotely and his Turbo Tax information was accessed and information/files altered to include his address for tax return refunds. The man contacted his local banks and froze his accounts as well as one credit card. The man was advised to have his computer professionally scanned, contact S.S. and I.R.S. departments to place a watch on his information, and contact Credit Bureau to monitor his credit. At this time the man has not been charged any monetary loss but concerned with all his information obtained to include his previous tax returns.

A 29-year-old Marshfield woman reported that an unknown person(s) took her unlocked vehicle (keys in vehicle) without her consent. An officer completed a stolen vehicle report with the woman and the vehicle was entered into NCIC. Neillsville Police located the unoccupied vehicle in their jurisdiction. They processed the vehicle for evidence and turned the vehicle over to the owner. The vehicle was taken out of NCIC. There are no suspect(s) at this time.

A 21-year-old Marshfield woman reported that an unknown person(s) entered her unlocked vehicle and took her wallet without consent. She stated her vehicle was parked behind her residence in the driveway by the alley. Two credit cards were recovered in the alley close to the area. The woman cancelled credit cards and debit cards prior to the officer’s arrival. A neighborhood canvas was completed with no information. There are no suspect(s) at this time.

A 28-year-old Marshfield woman stated sometime last evening or early this morning her purse was stolen from her car. She stated that it was sitting on the center console and that her vehicle was not locked. She was advised to cancel personal items and get new ones. At this time there are no known suspects.

A 29-year-old Marshfield male reported two attempted purchases with his debit card from online websites. He contacted both of the companies that the purchases were attempted through. Both companies reversed the charges and he has since contacted his bank.

A 19-year-old Marshfield man stated that when he was at Wal-Mart his vehicle was hit and no one reported it. He stated that there is damage to the rear passenger side bumper. It was learned that the damage did not meet the state criteria and he was advised he could do a self report on the OMV website and to contact his insurance. There are no known suspects at this time.

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