Amidst Theft Spree, Citizens Reminded to Lock Their Vehicles

OnFocus – Marshfield Police Department is reminding citizens to lock their vehicles after several vehicle entries and thefts occurred recently in the city. Most of the instances took place in the neighborhood near the Marshfield Public Library.

On December 30, a complainant reported that an unknown person or people entered her vehicle. She advised that items within the vehicle appeared to be moved and her glove box was damaged.

On January 1, a man reported that someone had entered his parked vehicle in the 300 block of South Central Avenue and removed a car charger, lighter, iPhone adapter, and loose change.

The next day, another man reported that his unlocked vehicle was entered, and items were stolen. There were no cameras in the area, and there are no suspects.

On January 4, a Marshfield woman reported that an unknown person(s) took her unlocked vehicle (keys in vehicle) without her consent from the Purdy Ave neighborhood. An officer completed a stolen vehicle report with the woman and the vehicle was entered into NCIC. Neillsville Police located the unoccupied vehicle in their jurisdiction. They processed the vehicle for evidence and turned the vehicle over to the owner. The vehicle was taken out of NCIC. There are no suspect(s) at this time.

A woman reported that an unknown person(s) entered her unlocked vehicle and took her wallet without consent. She stated her vehicle was parked behind her residence in the driveway by the alley. Two credit cards were recovered in the alley close to the area. The woman cancelled credit cards and debit cards prior to the officer’s arrival. A neighborhood canvas was completed with no information. There are no suspect(s) at this time.

A 28-year-old Marshfield woman stated sometime in the evening or early morning her purse was stolen from her car. She stated that it was sitting on the center console and that her vehicle was not locked. She was advised to cancel personal items and get new ones. At this time there are no known suspects.

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