Police Department Offers Situational Awareness Window Decals

window decals

Window and door decals designed to provide situational awareness to first responders about an occupants’ specific disorder or disability are now available free of charge through Marshfield Police Department.

The 4″×6″ decals were inspired by St. Paul PD, designed by local print shop Premier Printing, and are being made available to Marshfield area residents to display on or near their entrance doors.

“We saw this as an outreach opportunity to show our residents living with disability that we care,” said Chief Rick Gramza. “We desire our response to be appropriate with each individual we encounter, and knowing one’s condition or situation better prepares our staff for that interaction.”

“If you would like one of these to post at your residence, please private message us your name, address, and desired decal and we will mail it to you free of charge,” the Police Department said in their post:

Breanna Butler
Author: Breanna Butler

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