Pathway Partners Celebrates National Mentoring Month

OnFocus – January is National Mentoring Month and in celebration of that Pathway Partners wishes to spread the word about the program and attract adults or businesses for mentoring.

Pathway Partners is a United Way partner program, located inside the Marshfield High School, established in 1999. The mission of Pathway Partners is “to expose high school students to nurturing relationships with caring adults and to the diversity of opportunities and experiences in our community.

These experiences, having guided academic and personal development, will enhance students’ life skills and enable them to make successful transitions to post high school education and employment.” Pathway Partners provides programs to connect high school students with positive adults in our community.

These programs include one-on-one mentoring and job shadow or informational interview experiences. The one-on-one mentoring can be long term, as an established relationship throughout a student’s high school experience or short term, either as a one-time experience or over several meetings to accomplish a specific career exploration objective. Job shadowing offers students experience in their area of interest, as well as, allowing business to connect with the incoming workforce.

Information interviewing is utilized when job shadowing is restricted for circumstances relating to safety, confidentially or impracticality. Informational interviewing allows students to learn from professionals in their area of expertise about what to expect in the field they are considering or perhaps what steps to take in order to enter the field of interest.

This is a voluntary student program offered to all 9-12 grade Marshfield High School students including Marshfield Alternative High School. The program is free of charge to all participants. We welcome adult volunteers & businesses to participate in whatever program(s) that might be of interest to them.

– Submitted by Pathway Partners

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