Mayoral Candidates Address City Communications

Are you in support of the City of Marshfield hiring a communication manager, to help centralize and improve communication with citizens?



For many years, the City of Marshfield has struggled with communications, whether it be communicating to citizens about topical issues or educating on City services, and recent discussions by a City Communications Team have so far failed to produce a sustainable solution (read more below).

The Communications Team met several times last year, and an undocumented split vote allegedly indicated favor for creating a Communications Coordinator position, similar to what the City of River Falls instated three years ago. (Reports of this vote are conflicting and no minutes were taken at the meetings.)

This Tuesday, Common Council has on the agenda to discuss potentially creating this new position. There are several questions and concerns expected to be addressed, including the source of funding and to whom this person would report. The potential pay band for this position before benefits is $60,300 to $84,100.

“Our non-wage/benefit costs vary, depending upon the employee,” explained City Administrator Steve Barg. “Having said that, this can run in the 35-40% range, meaning that a $61K salary (which the River Falls position would start at) could perhaps mean up to $85K.”

Barg added that though a funding source has not yet been determined, there also hasn’t been public discussion of how to fund the position.

See what the candidates for Mayor said about the issue.

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