Marshfield Insurance & Blues Hair Studio Donate Meals to Caregivers

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OnFocus – Doctors, nurses and staff are working tirelessly to protect and care for the community. To help them feel supported, Marshfield Insurance and Blues Hair Studio teamed up Saturday to sponsor a meal from Scotty’s Pizza for these workers.

“This idea really started based on a completely unrelated personal post I did with my friend Jamie Adler (co-owner of Blues Hair Studio with his wife, Keesha) about the recent election,” said Marshfield Insurance CEO Nick Arnoldy. “Jamie & I have a difference in ideology, but support each other’s business ventures and listen to one another’s ideas. We wanted to show there are still more good conversations than bad being had about all that is going on.”

When Keesha mentioned to Jamie that the virus and everything happening in the world was getting her down, she decided to funnel that emotion into something positive for the community.

“She wanted to sponsor a meal for the caregivers at the Clinic, so she reached out to them,” said Arnoldy. “They thought it’d be good to have a co-sponsor, so Jamie thought of me/Marshfield Insurance right away and we were happy to do our part to help!”

Arnoldy hopes that this act of kindness helps inspire other businesses and community members to turn a negative time into a positive situation – by giving back.

“There are things that we and other businesses (that are in a position to do so) can do to help get though this,” said Arnoldy. “We encourage them to reach out to the Clinic Foundation if they are able to. Also, local charity plans are alive and well! Just be kind & support your local businesses!”

Through the Clinic’s “Care for Our Caregivers,” members of the community can also contribute meals. A donation of $10 can provide a coffee gift card for a nurse looking for energy during these long hours. $50 could provide breakfast to a team in the Intensive Care Unit who spent all night in the hospital. Every gift adds up to let local health care providers and staff know that the community is there for them.

Learn more about the program here.

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