Marco’s Pizza Closes, Family Video to Follow

Update: Dollar General to replace Family Video and Marco’s Pizza

Marshfield, WI (OnFocus) Marco’s Pizza has closed and Family Video will soon follow.

Marco’s Pizza, which first opened in Marshfield in May 2017, had its last business day on Sunday. Family Video will shut its doors in late January with an official closing date yet to be determined.

Although the largest video store chain in the United States, Family Video is essentially a real-estate company which owns, instead of rents, its store spaces. Ownership has allowed it to survive, where other video companies like Blockbuster failed, through cutting costs by leasing out unneeded floor space to other businesses.

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Highland Ventures, Ltd., which operates Family Video, has been the largest franchisee of Marco’s since 2012 and pairs the complementary businesses together in one location.

Family Video was approached by another store franchise to lease the space.

“I know a lot of regular customers here will be sad to see us go, but just business-wise, it makes sense to rent out the space,” said Napatsakorn Boonyoo, General Manager of the Marshfield and Stevens Point locations.

The Family Video in Marshfield has been profitable, according to Boonyoo, in an era of video streaming thanks to the company’s willingness to expand into new markets, from the popular fidget spinner to its introduction of CBD products in 2018.

“We’re always adapting to our environment and the customer’s needs,” she said. “Renting out physical DVDs are not going to be around forever, especially with streaming, but we are always trying to find new ways to prolong that so that we can still serve the community.”

The store which will replace Family Video has yet to be officially announced. Before closing, Family Video will continue to rent out titles and will be selling off its inventory.

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