Leadership Marshfield Group Project: More for Mary’s

Leadership Marshfield Project

Throughout the next couple of weeks, OnFocus will take a deeper look at some of this year’s Leadership Marshfield projects.

Background: The purpose and objective of Leadership Marshfield is to identify current and potential leaders in the community and provide a training program that will enhance their ability to function as more effective leaders. They will be better equipped to face the issues, problems, and challenges that will determine our community’s future.

Leadership Marshfield is a program of the Marshfield Area Chamber Foundation supported by the Leadership Council, volunteers, Chamber staff, and a strong Alumni network.
MACCI’s first Leadership Class graduated in May 1993. The 2019 class was recruited in the summer of 2018. Members participate in a series of eight informative one-day programs and develop group projects designed to meet each individual’s interests and community needs.

The purpose of the community project is to provide participants with an additional educational experience beyond the monthly sessions. Participants select their projects after learning about opportunities confronting the community and according to their interests.

Project Name: More for Mary’s

Team Members: Lisa Strohman-Schutz, Ryan Arnoldy, Pam Nikolai, Travis Esser

A Leadership Marshfield project “More for Mary’s” aims to give local housing facility Mary’s Place a renewal.

The nonprofit helps no-income, low-income and homeless individuals get back on their feet by offering rent-free stays up to six weeks while they look for employment. Longer stays are offered to transitional tenants with low income. To operate, the boarding facility relies on donations of food, toiletries, and additional items.

After touring the facility on Central Avenue for Community Engagement Day last October, Leadership team members decided to raise funds to replace all of the mattresses and box springs in the house. The effort focuses on replacing a total of 25 sets, one for each room, and the four bunk beds in the Genesis Room, which houses no-income boarders and is funded by United Way.

“We were so impacted by the overall declining conditions of the house, we felt what better way to give back to our community and those in need by fundraising for the home,” said Lisa Strohman-Shutz, group member.

Each member contacted businesses in and outside Marshfield to ask for monetary donations or a donation of a twin size set.

The team has reached enough monetary and mattress donations to replace all of the sets and received a donation from Advanced Disposal to remove the old ones. Next, the group will determine the delivery date to Mary’s Place.

“We are all very fortunate to have a warm, safe place to live. Never do we want to be faced with homelessness or go to bed hungry,” said Strohman-Shutz. “Being able to help people by simply providing them with new mattresses is so heartwarming and has touched each member of our group in such a positive way, that it really makes one think how lucky and blessed we all are.”

The team hopes Leadership Marshfield groups will continue with their vision to create “More for Mary’s” in future projects.

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