“Keep The Wreath Green” Ends Season with Four Red Bulbs

OnFocus – Prior to the end of the holiday season, local fire & rescues responded to a third fire in Wood County, adding a third red bulb to the wreath on 12-26-2020.

“Arpin had a fire in a house in a bathroom light fixture,” said Steve Bakos, Deputy Chief of EMS atMarshfield Fire and Rescue Department. “It was glowing and had flames above it burning a roof truss. They were able to extinguish it before it got through the insulation and into the roof.”

Earlier this season, there were two structure fires in Port Edwards, one the result of a grease fire in the kitchen and the other a fully-involved garage fire attached to the house.

“This year the awareness campaign ended with three (3)* fires which is a 50% decrease from 2019,” said Bakos. “This brings us back to the same numbers as 2018 where three (3) fires were recorded.”

*UPDATE from the department: “Wisconsin Rapids Fire had a structure fire on December 24th. Fire was on a porch with damage to the decking and siding. Thankfully a neighbor was outside shoveling and saw the fire. He controlled the spread by throwing snow on it until FD arrived on scene. That puts Wood County at four(4) fires over the holiday season.”

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