Duck Settles in Downtown Planter

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Marshfield, WI (OnFocus) A duck has made a home in a planter in downtown Marshfield.

“The absolute best thing people can do is to leave the nest alone,” said Ordinance Officer Bob Larsen, Marshfield Police Department.

Ducks nest in spots that are hidden from predators. A mallard can lay up to 13 eggs per clutch, according to the Wisconsin DNR. The incubation period lasts 30 days after the eggs are laid. Once hatched, the ducklings are soon ready to make the journey to water.

Ordinance officers have handled a variety of duck cases, including orphaned ducklings.

“We have had some issues with the ducklings falling through the sewer grates. They are recovered and returned to their mother, who usually hangs around while we are recovering them from the fall,” said Larsen. “If we are given an orphan duckling, we try to get it to where there are other ducklings and hope that the mother will take it in.”



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