A Duckling All Alone on 4th and Peach🐥

On Wednesday of this week, we, TriMedia staff (who also operate OnFocus and Explore Marshfield), were on site at Marshfield Fire & Rescue to film footage for a job.

While there, we observed a duckling near the intersection of 4th Street and Peach Avenue. The tiny bird was frantically calling for its mother, who was nowhere in sight. After watching for quite a while, it became clear that the duckling was on its own and had somehow become separated from its mother and siblings. If nearby, a mother duck will call back to its baby.

According to Wildlife Rehabber ( ), ducklings can become orphaned for a variety of reasons, including late hatching and being separated from the group during transit. The site adds that a duckling can not survive on its own without its mother’s warmth and protection, and lone, orphaned ducklings quickly fall prey to the elements and other animals. Something had to be done to help this orphan duckling.

We placed a call to Wood County Dispatch asking for assistance from Ordinance Control. While waiting for Ordinance Officer Bob Larsen and Ordinance Officer-in-Training, Kayla Wolf, we observed the duck entering the busy intersection, with a few close calls with automobiles. We scooped the duck out of danger and held him safely tucked in our hands until they arrived. The duckling went from scared to sleepy and dozed while waiting for his rescuers. In normal situations, experts discourage handling wildlife, but in this special circumstance, it was advised for the health and safety of the duckling.

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Officer Larsen and Wolf arrived and placed the duckling in a warm blanket. Having had experience with similar duck situations in the past, they explained that they were going to transport the duckling to the retention pond at the corner of 14th and Peach, where several mother ducks commonly nest.

Luckily, the duckling quickly joined a group of ducklings and their mother – likely the location he disappeared from in the first place. Fortunately, the mother accepted the new duckling (or reclaimed her old duckling, as far as we know).

It was a happy ending for this little duckling and his family! Thanks to Officer Larsen and Wolf for their assistance, and for all they do for the community!

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