City to Transfer Money to Upgrade Police Radio Tower System

City Communicates OnFocus – The finance committee approved a budget resolution to transfer $15,000 and reallocate $180,000 to upgrade the tower system used for the police department radios.

“$180,000 was set aside for purchasing new police radios,” said Marshfield Police Chief Rick Gramza. “The direction that the company and the police department is looking at going is replacement of the towers or simulcast system and putting off the purchase of the radios.”

“The estimate came in as $190,353.50,” said Gramza. “We felt we could absorb $7,500 out of our permanent employees straight time budget line item, and the other $7,500 could come out of reserve contingency.

“We would then want to repurpose that $180,000 to put that towards the investment into the tower system.”

The resolution passed unanimously, and will be forwarded to the full council for approval at their June 26t​h​ meeting 7:00PM at City Hall Plaza.

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Author: News Desk