Winter is Here: Slow Down For Snowplows

OnFocus – IT’S FINALLY HERE. After a mild winter, we have snow! But with that snow needs to come some extra responsibility on the roadways.

Snow plows are out on the roadways and the Wisconsin State Patrol would like to remind us that they own the road just as much as someone going to work or school does.

In a Facebook post, the Wisconsin State Patrol said there are three ways motorists can help to prevent collisions with snowplows.

  1. Slow down
  2. Increase your following distance
  3. Pay attention

These three things can help prevent crashes and can allow you or someone else to avoid the headache or even tragedy of an accident on the roads.

The post also draws attention to the danger police and emergency vehicles face while on snowy roads.

“It happens every time it snows: A trooper, a deputy, a police officer, a tow truck driver — they’re put at risk by drivers going too fast for road conditions who refuse to move over or even slow down,” the post said. “Troopers will be responding to crashes and helping stalled motorists along snowy and ice-covered highways across the state.”
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