WIAA and Wisconsin Basketball Coaches Association Adopt Plan for 2020 Allowing Substitution of Scrimmages for Missed Games

Stevens Point (OnFocus) – The WIAA and Wisconsin Basketball Coaches Association have announced a scheduling revision for the 2020-21 season that allows teams flexibility. With uncertainty over how many games schools will be able to play, a plan to allow schools to substitute scrimmages for missed games was approved.

Plan Details


Currently, varsity basketball is allowed 24 games and 1 scrimmage (all other levels = 22).  However, games can be “traded” for scrimmages.  In other words, if you are unable/prefer not to fill the 24 game maximum on your schedule, you may replace games with scrimmages.  A scrimmage may be played at any time during the WIAA basketball season (regular season or WIAA Tournament Series) provided:

  • Three different days of practice have elapsed
  • Does not count in either team’s win/loss record
  • No loss of academic class time
  • All athletes participating, meet all WIAA and school eligibility requirements (exceptions:  students ineligible due to academic deficiency, code of conduct violations, or those required to miss the next competitive event, due to being ejected from their last competitive event, may participate at the discretion of the school)

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David Keech
Author: David Keech

David Keech is a math teacher in Wisconsin Rapids and public address announcer for Abbotsord High School. He officiates basketball, baseball, and softball in central Wisconsin. He has reported on amateur sports since 2011, known as 'KeechDaVoice.' David can be reached at [email protected]