Submerged Vehicle Results in OWI in Barron County

Courtesy of the Barron County Sheriff's Department on Facebook.

BARRON COUNTY, WI (OnFocus) – The Barron County Sheriff’s Department encountered a unique call last weekend as they responded to a vehicle and trailer that was halfway submerged in a lake.

The department posted a Facebook post about the incident, sarcastically explaining to viewers that ice fishing doesn’t start for another couple of months.

The driver was cited for an OWI, the third that the department gave out that night. The truck along with what appeared to be an ice fishing shack were half submerged in the water.

The post sarcastically but also seriously stated that we can all wait to go ice fishing.

“Please keep the shacks at home for the time being, let’s enjoy fall while it’s still here,” the post said. “We will have plenty of time to freeze our butts off in the dead of winter.”

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