Stratford and Spencer Schools Cleared After Lockdown

Stratford and Spencer schools went on lockdown late this morning upon reports to the Marathon County Sheriff’s Office of an individual pointing a firearm at a bus driver in the area of Fairview Road and Cth-P in the Town of Cleveland.

The Sheriff’s Office as well as officers from local law enforcement agencies responded to the area. During the course of their investigation, it was learned that a documentary on the Town of Wien was being filmed in this area and that the assumed weapon was in fact a microphone on a “boom” or long pole. There was no weapon involved.

Due to the nature of the initial call, schools in the area went on lockdown. The lockdowns were lifted as soon as it was determined there was no risk to the public. Deputies on scene reviewed a video taken by the initial caller and understands how the caller identified the boom as a potential weapon.

In an email, Stratford Superintendent Scott Winch revealed that the school buildings were in a hold situation at about 11:30 a.m. today. The situation was cleared by law enforcement around noon and normal activities were resumed.

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