Starbucks to Open New Marshfield Location

Starbucks location inside Marshfield Target

OnFocus – Seattle-based coffee chain Starbucks is scheduled to open another location in Marshfield this summer.

Target currently hosts Marshfield’s sole Starbucks location, which does not have a drive-thru option. The new location at 1707 N. Central Avenue will include a drive-thru and is expected to employ approximately 25-30 people.

“Starbucks is always looking for great locations to better meet the needs of our customers, and we are happy to confirm that we will be opening a new location at 1707 N Central Ave in Marshfield, WI this summer,” a Starbucks representative told OnFocus.

An opening date has not been chosen yet for the new location and no specific details have yet been provided pertaining to the current Target location.

Starbucks will be the first business to occupy space in a new commercial development near the Woodfield Inn and Suites and former Baltus property, which features room for three commercial tenants, an outdoor patio seating area, and a drive-thru.

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