Standoff Ends with Marshfield Man in Custody

Standoff on Marshfield’s Southside

Marshfield (OnFocus) At approximately 11 pm on Saturday evening, Police Dispatch received a call that a 27-year-old Marshfield man had threatened to shoot a 18-year-old male on Marshfield’s Southside. The man had went inside his trailer and retrieved what appeared to be a pistol.

An officer of Marshfield Police Department responded to the call at 2215 S. Maple Ave. Four additional officers responded to the call when the man refused to come out of his trailer and yelled that he would shoot at officers if they didn’t stop knocking on his trailer.

The officers use several methods to communicate with the individual during the standoff. He eventually came out of the trailer and was taken into custody for disorderly conduct and a probation hold.

It was determined that the man had retrieved a BB gun pistol that resembled a real gun. No injuries were reported due to the incident.

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