Sneaky Pete Finds Forever Home with Family That Adopted His Brother

Pete's new family, Jason and Amie Geissler.

Dog Captured After 11 Weeks Adopted into New Home

Marshfield, WI (OnFocus) A dog that captured the hearts of many concerned citizens on Marshfield’s east side is now heading to his forever home — one with a familiar face — after several months braving the elements.

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Sneaky Pete/Forester

Affectionately dubbed “Sneaky Pete” because of his ability to actively evade capture for more than 11 weeks, the Labrador mix was living in Marshfield’s East Side industrial park when he was finally captured by dedicated couple Megan and Tyler Jasurda and taken to Marshfield Area Pet Shelter.

Pete quickly adapted to shelter life, affectionately wagging his tail at volunteers, enjoying head pats, and savoring a warm bed and reliable meals.

Shortly after his arrival at MAPS, shelter workers were amazed to discover that Pete had a microchip, which they were able to trace back first to a temporary owner and then to Clark County Humane Society.

Pete had originally arrived at CCHS in spring 2019 from an Amish family who kept him, his sister, and his brother locked up in a small shed. Though very skittish initially, with care all three dogs became comfortable with humans and were adopted separately to new families a few months later.

In June 2019, Jason and Amie Geissler adopted Pete’s littermate, Woodford.


“We had hoped to adopt his brother ‘Scoop’ (Sneaky Pete) also, but Woodford was mid-training and our fence wasn’t in yet,” said Amie. “When Scoop was adopted in August 2019 to someone else, it was bittersweet. We still wanted a second dog.”

In September 2019, Marshfield Ordinance Control began receiving calls of dog sightings at the industrial park. Scoop had been abandoned. Formal efforts to trap Scoop/Sneaky Pete began in November, and he was finally captured earlier this month.

“Last Saturday, Jason and I received an email from CCHS with a news article describing how a stray dog dubbed ‘Sneaky-Pete’ had been roaming in Marshfield for months, evading capture,” said Amie. “Thanks to a wonderful couple, he was humanely caught and resting safely at the Marshfield Area Pet Shelter (MAPS). MAPS ran a chip scan and found out that it was Scoop from CCHS, Woodford’s brother!”

Geissler, Woodford, and family arranged to meet Sneaky Pete at MAPS, where the two dogs hit it off again right away. The littermates were excited to be reunited.

A few days later, the adoption was made official and Sneaky Pete’s rescuer, Megan Jasurda, was present for the adoption.

Tyler and Megan Jasurda, Jason and Amie Geissler

“The first two years of his life have been rocky, but he is finally where he belongs! He now has amazing pet parents and is able to spend his days with his real brother!” said Jasurda.

Local business owners that watched over Sneaky Pete were also happy to hear the news. Kelly Weiler, whose convenience store lot was a frequent stomping ground for Sneaky Pete was also excited to learn of the adoption.

“After months of seeing him roaming our parking lot, we are so glad to see Pete in a loving forever home,” said Weiler. “We are all animal lovers here at Weiler’s, so we couldn’t be happier for Pete and his family.”

Pete has since been rechristened “Forester” (both brothers are named after Bourbon) and quickly settled into his new home on Wednesday evening.

“Woodford has been the best brother, showing Forester the ropes here at home so far,” said Amie. “When we license him here in Eau Claire, we plan to file as ‘Forester Sneaky-Pete Scoop.’ With his journey, it’s only fitting!”

The brothers have an Instagram page: @bourbonbrotherswi

Sneaky Pete Dog Caught After 11 Weeks Roaming Marshfield’s East Side Industrial Park

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