Recreational Insurance for Summer Toys Protects Against Liability

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Kevin Krizan Explains Recreational Insurance

Before getting out the summer toys, consider a recreational insurance policy that will allow you the peace of mind to enjoy them for seasons to come. Boats, waverunners, ATVs, and motorcycles are a few things that might seem unnecessary to insure, but in the case of a loan or a liability claim, insurance can be a lifesaver.

“Recreational insurance is meant to protect all of your toys and provide a layer of protection from your home & auto policies,” said Kevin Krizan / Agency Owner-President of Kevin R. Krizan Insurance Agency, Inc. “While most people don’t give it a second thought, they really need to make sure that all of their exposures are properly protected. These items should not be covered under your home or auto insurance policies. We need to write a separate policy to get you the proper coverage.”

Krizan said people often don’t think to get recreational insurance if they paid for the item in cash or if they can afford to buy a new one.

“What those people fail to realize is that while they might be able to afford to buy a new sled, motorcycle, ATV or boat, they most likely cannot afford to fork over $25,000-$500,000 for a liability claim where they injured someone else or damaged their property,” he said. “Insurance in general is meant to protect your liability exposure as well as damage to the asset that we are insuring. Our job is to inform you and make sure that you are making the best decision to protect all parties.”

The policies through Krizan’s agency include coverage for safety apparel (helmets, chest protectors, leathers, etc.) as well as boat policies that include coverage for watersports liability, which protects those you are pulling on tubes, skis, and wakeboards.

Liability coverage includes bodily injury, property damage, un-insured motorist as well as the option of under-insured motorist and medical. This coverage protects other people from you and you from them. “It is crucial to have the proper limits of protection or you could see mandatory judgements placed by the court system,” said Krizan.

Each type of toy should have a separate policy, and each policy is unique. “No two boats or boat owners are alike,” he said. “We custom tailor each policy to each client with a wide variety or coverages and discount options.”

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