Police Reports: Man Found in Possession of Electric Weapon

Marshfield Police Department Police Reports

  • 09.27.18: A 27 year old male was found to be in possession of an electric weapon. Male was taken into custody and transported to Wood County Jail.
  • 09.26.18: During a traffic stop a 21 year old male was arrested for Possession of Cocaine and later placed on a probation hold. He was booked at the Marshfield Police Department and then transported to the Wood County Jail.
  • 09.25.18: A woman reported finding a 4 year old male walking down the sidewalk. An investigation concluded that the child walked away from a daycare.
  • 09.25.18: At 2105 hours, a 19 year old Marshfield female was arrested during a traffic stop for OWI 2nd at Peach/Grant. She was transported to the MPD for booking procedures and was released.
  • 09.24.18: Driver 1 stated that he was traveling on Hardwood Drive in Wildwood Park and zoo driving loop when a deer jumped out in front of him. Driver 1 stated that he swerved to avoid striking the deer, which caused him to drive in to the ditch and strike a tree. Vehicle was towed due to disabling damage.
  • 09.21.18: Driver 1 stated he was going southbound on S. Maple Avenue and was looking at a church and didn’t see the stop sign at E. 4th St. He proceeded without making any effort to stop and was struck by another vehicle driving west on 4th Street.
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