Police Reports: K-9 Rika Drug Bust and Neighbor Issues

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MARSHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) – August 31

A 50-year-old Marshfield female reported her dog had bitten her hand when she reached down to move its food dish as it was eating and that the dog is protective of its food. The woman had a small puncture wound on her hand and small scratches near her wrist area. The woman declined officer help with medical treatment and stated she would seek treatment at the ER on her own. The woman also declined any police assistance regarding the dog being quarantined for rabies purposes and was instructed to contact her vet for further information regarding rabies vaccinations. The woman also declined any officer assistance with the dog informing this officer that the dog was calm at this time and no further assistance was needed. No further involvement.

September 2

A 56-year-old Marshfield man came to the Marshfield Police Department and reported a possible burglary to the listed residence. A backpack belonging to a 36-year-old Marshfield male was missing and some ceiling tiles were damaged. Investigation ongoing.

September 3

A 53-year-old Nekoosa male was taken into custody after causing a disturbance. The male resisted officers while being taken into custody. The male also threatened to kill a Marshfield Police Officer and spit saliva in the Officer’s face. Charges are being requested through the Wood County District Attorney’s Office.

An anonymous party reported a disturbance between two individuals outside a Marshfield location. Officers arrived on scene and observed a woman restraining a juvenile on the ground. All the involved parties were spoken to. It was determined two juveniles had left a residence on W. Cleveland Street and the mother of one of the juveniles followed them and restrained her son until officers arrived on scene. Contact was made with Wood County Human Services and the child stayed with his Grandmother for the remainder of the evening.

A 32-year-old Marshfield male and a 26-year-old Spencer female were taken into custody for multiple warrants and multiple other charges. Both were transported to the Wood County Jail for their warrants and new charges. A request for charges will be forwarded to the Wood County District Attorney’s office.

The victim reported that she was home when her vehicle was taken by a friend and his girlfriend. The friend did not ask to borrow the vehicle but agreed to return the vehicle on 08/29/2021. The victim has not been able to contact the friend or his girlfriend since the vehicle was supposed to be returned. The vehicle was entered into NCIC as stolen.

September 4

A complainant reported concerns for the welfare of a 10-mont-old male from the apartment upstairs from her. Contact was made with the child and his mother a 20-year-old female. The child appeared to be in good health and no signs of distress. Contact was made with WCHS and the family at this time is not involved with them. For more information please see taped report.

A victim reported that her employment notified her that an unemployment claim was applied for in her name but with a different address. Victim had already notified the Wisconsin Department of Workplace Development, for the possible fraud. At this time report is done for informational purposes. The victim did not suffer any financial loss at this time.

A victim reported ongoing concerns with the upstairs neighbor. Victim said the male has engaged in harassment by removing his mail, parking so close as to he is unable to get his vehicle doors open, yelling at the victims son for being on certain parts of the yard, using furniture (outside) that belongs to the victim, using vulgar words towards the victim, and other actions that together the Victim believes is personally against him. Victim wants documentation in the event the actions continue and would like him to stop the behavior. At this time the neighbor a 72-year-old Marshfield male will be warned and that repeated actions of harassment or disorderly conduct may be met with citations. At this time the actions do not constitute criminal concerns.

Officers located multiple juveniles at a Marshfield residence after being called to the area for suspicious activity. Multiple juveniles were cited for underage alcohol and released to a responsible adult/parent guardian. See officer report for more information.

September 5

A complainant stated that a few weeks ago his 66-year-old Marshfield neighbor had yelled profanities at him as well as last evening. He A stated last evening she also entered his residence without consent, flipped him off, and threw a cigarette at his face striking him in upper right cheek area. Officers made contact with the female who admitted to these actions and was taken into custody for Disorderly Contact and Criminal Trespass to Dwelling. Charges are being requested through the Wood County District Attorney.

A traffic stop was conducted at a Marshfield location. K-9 Rika was requested to the scene. K-9 Rika indicated to presence of a controlled substance from within the vehicle. As a result of the stop, a 27-year-old Marathon female was placed under arrest for possession of methamphetamine. A 35-year-old Arcadia male was arrested for OWI 1st offense. A request for charges is being A forwarded to the Wood County District Attorney’s Office for the female.

A 39-year-old male pumped $15.06 worth of gas and left with out paying. The male made no attempt to pay at the pump or inside Kwik Trip. The vehicle the suspect was driving was also reported to be stolen. Investigation to continue.

September 7

A 26-year-old Marshfield female contacted police to report a disturbance between her and a 23-year-old Spencer man. Officers determined that a minor incident had occurred and both parties seemed to be equally at fault. A report will be sent to the Wood County DA for review.

A duo of Marshfield residents reported a 42-year-old Spencer, WI male had come to their residence and caused a disturbance. The male left the scene prior to officers arriving; however, the male later returned to the residence and officers were able to make contact with him. The male was suspected of being intoxicated and was ultimately arrested for operating while intoxicated. Charges are being requested for Disorderly Conduct through the Wood County D.A.’s office.

September 8

A Marshfield Medical Center employee reported that a 50-year-old patient, who was highly intoxicated, became combative and tried attacking him. The male was taken into custody and a Probation Hold was placed on him. The male was medically cleared and transported to the Wood County Jail. A request for charges will be sent to the Wood County District Attorney’s Office.

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