MAPS Pet of the Week: Mrs. Norris

Marshfield Area Pet Shelter Pet of the Week

Submitted by a Marshfield Area Pet Shelter Volunteer

Mrs. Norris was found by the side of a country road with three kittens. Thankfully the kittens were old enough to be on their own so Mrs. Norris got some much needed time to herself (and her kittens were adopted). It was discovered that she had some serious dental issues and had to have some teeth pulled and now needs to be fed soft food. She is the sweetest and cutest little old lady you could ever meet and she desperately needs a home where she can finally be pampered and spoiled and never have to worry about surviving out in the harsh world ever again.

If interested in adopting, please visit the Marshfield Area Pet Shelter’s Adoption Center located across from Furniture & ApplianceMart inside Marshfield Mall from 4:30pm-6:00pm Monday-Friday and Saturday 11am-2pm. To view all our adoptable pets and complete our online adoption application, go to our website at

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