Old Electronics Not to Be Thrown in Garbage

Courtesy of the Wisconsin DNR.

MARSHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) – If you were lucky enough to get a new phone, tablet, computer or other sort of electronic device this Christmas, don’t just throw away your old device.

Electronics like phones have lithium-ion batteries that can cause a fire if disposed of through regular trash or recycling systems.

There is a way to properly dispose of old electronics that is less harmful to the environment and can in some cases make you money. When purchasing a new phone tablet or computer, a lot of times the store or website you are buying the device from will take your old device in on trade.

This method can help keep some of the cost down while also keeping your junk drawers from getting cluttered.

In Marshfield, you can go to Goodwill to recycle old electronics or Advance Disposal can take them as well.

Find a nearby drop-off site or a mail-back program at https://wisconsindnr.shinyapps.io/EcycleCollectorSite/.

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