Neillsville Police Reminds Residents to Keep Garage Doors Closed

Tips to Prevent a Crime

Neillsville, WI (OnFocus) The Neillsville Police Department is reminding residents to close their garage doors and take other precautions against unlawful home entry.

Police have noticed an increase in the number of garage doors that are being left open at night.

“Home and garage doors should always be locked,” said Police Chief Jim Mankowski. “Almost 50 percent of burglars enter homes and property through unlocked doors and windows.”

The department hasn’t had reports of thefts yet related to the open garage doors, but advises that it’s best to not make things easy for a criminal. Homeowners often store items of value in their garages and may not notice right away that they’re missing.

“If you get something like a firearm stolen and it ends up in the wrong hands, then we have other issues,” said Mankowski. “But the thing is, people work very hard for the possessions they have, let’s take care of what we own and be smart about things.”

Police also advise residents not to leave keys to their homes outside, as burglars know where to check for hiding places.

“What happens is, people leave keys outside under a rock or somewhere near the residence, and bad guys will find that,” said Mankowski.

An unlocked vehicle is also a target, as a garage door opener will give a criminal easy access to a home, especially if the door between the home and an attached garage is left unlocked.

By taking simple precautions, homeowners can protect themselves and their possessions.

“It’s a lot easier to prevent a crime than solve one,” Mankowski said.

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