National Association of Sports Officials: At-Home Volleyball Officiating Clinic Benefits Officials, Fans, Athletes

The National Association of Sports Officials (NASO) has produced sport-specific officiating videos for use in refining officials’ craft.

NASO’s Sports Officiating at Home series includes at home instructional videos for:

  • basketball
  • baseball
  • soccer
  • softball
  • volleyball
  • football

The at-home clinics inform not only officials but fans and athletes as well.

NASO’s At Home clinic: VOLLEYBALL

Joan Powell: Why Officiating Matters More Than Ever

Sports officials are a resilient bunch. Hear from PAC-12 and Mountain West coordinator of Women’s Volleyball officials Joan Powell as she describes how vital it is in these difficult times to commit to rules study, stay attached to the industry and maintain relationships with officiating colleagues.

Sport Session: Volleyball – Art of Preventive Officiating

Volleyball officials face tough choices when it comes to penalizing or preventing. In this Sports Officiating Summit at Home session, veteran officials Rachael Stringer and Breanna Spain share video clips and offer their thoughts on listening, communicating and adjudicating the gray areas of preventive officiating.

Sport Session: Volleyball – Unsporting Conduct

This volleyball video breakdown covers the ever-important topic of dealing with participant behavior. When dealing with unsporting behavior, should you ignore, warn or penalize? Veteran coordinators Marcia Alterman and Joan Powell, along with referee and PAVO president Julie Voeck, share their tips and techniques handling difficult situations.

Why We Officiate

Sports fans and participants everywhere often wonder why we officiate. Well, we know what they don’t know! In this Summit at Home session, NASO Board member Dana Pappas hears from more than a dozen officials from across the country on why they love to officiate. This is a shot of adrenaline for those that need it and a great recruiting tool that connects to the NASO Say Yes to Officiating campaign.

NASO’s At Home clinic: VOLLEYBALL

The volleyball at-home clinic includes segments on:

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David Keech
Author: David Keech

David Keech is a math teacher in Wisconsin Rapids and public address announcer for Abbotsord High School. He officiates basketball, baseball, and softball in central Wisconsin. He has reported on amateur sports since 2011, known as 'KeechDaVoice.' David can be reached at [email protected]