McMillan Street Project Update


Marshfield Utilities Updates on McMillan Street Project in Marshfield

Due to the need for a water main replacement, those traveling on the north side of town have been limited to one lane of traffic on McMillan Street since Utility and construction work began in May of this year.

“We’ve had several main breaks in that area in recent history,” said Water Manager John Richmond. “The main in this area is a 12” main which is one of our larger supply lines to the primary pressure zone in the City, so if you do have a main break we lose a lot of water fast.”

“Due to the amount of traffic on McMillan, it would take MU employees longer to fix the break,” added Richmond. “On one particular break, we needed to get our construction truck from one side of the excavation to the other and even with involving the Police Department, it took a man from the crew a half-hour to get around the block.”

“Due to the traffic concerns and the size of the water main, the project was moved up in priority,” explained Bob Trussioni, General Manager of Marshfield Utilities.

Resin is pumped into the tube lining.

As the water mains age, they begin to deteriorate. With help from a contractor, Marshfield Utilities has re-lined the pipe using a special process that involves pulling in a two piece liner with a canvas-type outer layer and a smooth inner layer. A resin mixture is pumped in between the two liners, and hot air or hot water is pushed through the pipe to solidify the coating (see photo).

This process is being used more frequently when the street is not being totally reconstructed. This is a less expensive option than total main replacement when the street replacement cost is factored in.

Now that Marshfield Utilities’ work is nearly completed, a local gas company is scheduled to begin a project beneath the street.

“It makes sense to do multiple types of repairs when you have the road at least partially closed to traffic,” explained Melissa Barnes, Marshfield Utilities HR Manager.

The northern lane on McMillan is expected to be closed into September.

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