Marshfield Police Department Recruitment Underway

Photo Courtesy MPD: Congratulations to Officer Dave Mattheisen on his retirement after 27 years of service to the Marshfield community (33 total years in law enforcement). Thank you for your commitment to excellence!

Retirement and Resignations Leave Openings at MPD

Assuming the hiring process goes well, there will be some new faces at Marshfield Police Department in 2018. One officer retired, one left for another department to be closer to family, and two officers resigned to pursue other opportunities. With an additional two officers on “light duty” due to injury, this means that while there are normally 28 officers working the road, there are now only 22.

“We have four vacancies we are looking to hire for,” said Police Chief Rick Gramza. “We went through the interview process and now we’re doing background checks.”
Over forty applications were received and thirteen applicants were interviewed, with background checks currently underway on a portion of these candidates.

“We’re hoping to pull four hires out of this group that we’re looking at,” said Gramza. “If we don’t, we’ll go back to the drawing board to ensure those offered a position are a perfect fit for the community.”

Photo Courtesy MPD: Recent training at Marshfield Medical Center

The goal is to hire a new person within the next month, with more hires to follow. Training is catered depending on how much prior experience the new hire has, and includes a physical exam, psych exam, and up to15 weeks of training.

Though there are fewer officers in the department as a whole, Marshfield residents need not be concerned – there are still the same amount on duty at any given time.

“Our staffing levels are still appropriate,” said Gramza. “The challenge is, we have people not able to take days off and we are taxing those that are working. Our overtime budget is feeling the impact of the shortage but the community is just as safe as ever.”

Those interested in joining the MPD can apply at any time, even if they are still attending school. Recruitment is ongoing, while testing processes are hosted twice annually.

Gramza ended with a challenge to those considering the profession of law enforcement, “If you desire to a member of an agency that placed its time and effort towards progressive policing while reducing crime and fear throughout the community…Marshfield PD is for you!”

Interested in learning what it’s like to be an officer- apply today for the Marshfield Police Department Citizens Academy, taking place in March/April. Becoming an Auxiliary Officers is another way to help the department. Learn more – click here.


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