Marshfield Police Auxiliary Celebrates 45 Years

marshfield police auxiliary
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MARSHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) – This week, Marshfield Police Auxiliary celebrated 45 years serving the community.

A group of individuals dedicated to serving their community by helping the Marshfield Police Department in any way that is needed, the Marshfield Police Auxiliary consists of members that are not sworn officers, but rather volunteers who receive no compensation for their efforts and do not have the authority of sworn officers, such as arrest powers.

The Marshfield Police Auxiliary is the volunteer extension of the department which helps to staff larger community events and programs. Members act to support the mission of the department by assisting with general patrol duties and staffing of events requiring department presence.

The program allows participants to volunteer based on their availability. Although guidelines require a 40 hour per year minimum commitment and regular attendance at monthly meetings, many members consistently exceed the minimum expectation.

“Our Police Auxiliary is group of citizen volunteers that regularly give up their free time for the good of the community,” stated MPD. “For the last 45 years our department has had the honor of being supported by such an awesome group. They have assisted patrol in numerous incidents stemming from missing persons to traffic control. The Marshfield community is better because of our Auxiliary! Congratulations on your 45th anniversary!
Please reach out to our department if you interested in learning more or joining our Police Auxiliary!”

Learn more about how to join, here.

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