Marshfield Medical Center Provides Update on Local COVID-19 Cases

MARSHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) – Marshfield Medical Center provided this week a snapshot of the COVID-19 activity in the Marshfield Medical Center:

  • 33 patients with COVID-19 currently admitted.
  • Since September 1, 92 COVID-19 patients have spent at least one night in the hospital (80 patients total in August). This includes an infant patient with COVID-19 and RSV in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit on a ventilator.
  • 13 COVID-19 patients in the Medical Intensive Care Unit. The age range of these patients is between 27-76, including a married father in his 30’s with a toddler at home and a pregnant mother in her 30’s who required an emergency delivery.
  • More than 90% of COVID-19 patients have been unvaccinated.
  • 9 people have passed away from COVID-19 at Marshfield Medical Center-Marshfield over the last 2 weeks.

“We encourage everyone to help stop the spread and protect yourself and those around you by getting the COVID-19 vaccine, wearing a mask and staying home if you have COVID-19 symptoms,” they stated.

Earlier this month, on September 9, MMC reported seven COVID-19 patients at Marshfield Medical Center in Marshfield in the ICU experiencing severe respiratory distress. At that time, Marshfield Clinic Health System reported the following breakdown of MMC’s COVID patient numbers:

  • There are 24 more COVID-19 patients on a floor of the hospital that has been completely converted into a COVID-19 unit.
  • Nearly all of the patients in the ICU and admitted to the hospital are unvaccinated for COVID-19.
  • Three patients have died over the past week.
  • In August, MMC admitted 80 COVID-19 patients. So far in September, MMC has admitted 34 COVID-19 patients.
  • Many of MMCs patients have been in the hospital for several weeks. One patient has been there since July.
  • As of September 8, there was a total of 43 hospitalized patients system-wide.

According to MCHS, the system services COVID patients across three centralized hospitals in Marshfield, Weston, and Neillsville and manages 9 hospitals and more than 50 clinic locations. More than 350,000 unique patients receive care annually, with approximately 4 million patient encounters annually.

The Wood County Health Department will attempt to follow-up with individuals who test positive, review isolation recommendations, and determine close contacts, but the response may be delayed more than 24 hours.

They stated: If you or a loved one are exposed to someone with COVID-19 you should quarantine (separate from others). Exposure includes being within 6 feet of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 for at least a total of 15 minutes cumulative within a 24 hour period or have had physical touch with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. Per Wisconsin Department of Health Services, 14 days is safest (and may be required in some situations) for unvaccinated individuals. This time may be lessened to 10 days (with no test if you have not developed any symptoms) or a minimum of 7 days (if a negative test is collected on day 6 or later) for those who remain without symptoms. Individuals who are released early from quarantine must be able to maintain 6 feet of physical distance from others and must wear a mask for the full 14 day quarantine period.

Fully vaccinated individuals do not need to quarantine unless they develop symptoms. It is recommended to continue to monitor for symptoms for 14 days after last contact, wear a mask indoors, and get tested  3-5 days after exposure. For more information on quarantine timelines click How Long Should I Quarantine a resource provided by Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

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