Marshfield Man Reunited with Missing Wallet Thanks to Stranger’s Kindness

missing wallet and letter
Missing wallet returned

MARSHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) – Marshfield resident Nick Arnoldy was visiting Madison for an end-of-summer family weekend trip when he lost his wallet.

“On Saturday, we were exploring the farmer’s market in the capitol square and I saw a homeless veteran with a sign on one of the benches,” said Nick. “Usually when I see a situation like that, I’ll give my kids a few dollars. I think it teaches them something. I reached for my wallet and gave my son and daughter some cash to put into his basket.”

Next, the family walked down State Street and Nick noticed his wallet was missing.

“It had fallen out, so we went back to where I’d last seen it. There were lots of vendors and people, but no wallet,” he recalled.

The same day, Jared Greenwalt and his wife, Margaret, took a day trip from East Moline to Madison. While sitting on a public bench on State Street to research where to eat, Jared noticed an abandoned wallet and no one else around.

“After deciding on where to go eat we also decided to take the wallet with us and just mail it back to its rightful owner,” said Jared. “Mailing it back just being the right thing to do, and also to give peace of mind to whoever that it wasn’t stolen and none of the credit cards/bank cards were missing or used.”

I hope that if I ever lose my wallet, someone would do the same for me,” he added.

Arnoldy received an insured package with his wallet, ID, and everything inside intact, along with a note and some free swag from the brothers’ side business, J and J 3D Printing.

On the day Jared returned from Madison, his brother Jake was shipping some items for their 3D print shop, which can make many things from gaming, gifts, art and just about anything they can get a file for.

“It started about two years ago when I picked up a 3D printer as a hobby and to make things for my monthly Dungeons and Dragons session,” said Jared. “My brother had been painting miniatures for a few years as a hobby and when the two hobbies met, our small business was formed.”

“I asked Jake to send the wallet in the mail as we were headed that way with some finished orders to be sent and he tossed in some freebies. That’s just how we do things,” he said.

“They are good people,” said Arnoldy. “I’m very thankful.”

J and J 3D Printing is on Facebook and Esty at

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