Marshfield Bus Service Excels in State Inspection

Marshfield Bus Service Passes State Inspection

Though last week was Spring Break, Marshfield Bus Service was still busy ensuring local children always have a safe bus ride to school. Per State law, buses are inspected annually, and last week Marshfield Bus Service passed their annual inspection with flying colors.

“They are inspected for all safety issues. These range from fluid leaks to the first aid kits. Basically anything from bumper to bumper that is on a bus can be inspected,” said Duane Nothnagel, Director of Training and Safety. “Safety of the students is the priority.”

Each bus is inspected by the State Patrol, with three days set aside for the process.

“The state can also spot check by coming to the area and inspecting a bus at any time, said Nothnagel. “We have been spot checked in the past without any issues.”

Last week’s inspection also resulted in generally positive feedback. Of the 48 buses in the fleet, only three had minor items noted and none of the buses were deemed unfit for service.

“That is a very impressive inspection,” said Nothnagel. “We had three buses that had an issue that was minor in nature but was found and documented. As of today all three have been repaired and the buses are set to go. Most were completed that day or the day after. None of the issues caused the bus to be put out of service.”

For this successful inspection, Nothnagel commends the diligence of the Marshfield Bus Service drivers and mechanics.

“The credit goes to the drivers who are required to inspect the bus before each trip and after each trip,” he said. “I also think our shop mechanics play a big role. They get the work orders and concerns from the drivers and act on them on a daily basis as needed.”

Mechanics also follow a preventative maintenance schedule to ensure each bus is evaluated on a routine basis.

“With 528 clearance lights, 56 headlights, and 112 brake and tail lights to keep up on, not including everything else that can go wrong, that is a lot to stay on top of,” said Nothnagel. “We have seen great success in our inspections and will hold our fleet up against many others and be confident that they are safe to transport students.”

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